Best Glue On Lashes: Velour Lash Review

Oct 12, 2020

Best Glue on Lashes: Velour Lash Review

Best Glue on Lashes: Velour Lash Review

Best Glue on Lashes: Velour Lash Review

Well, there are a few things we’ve learned from this whole shutdown…

  1. Money and fiscal responsibility has a renewed importance.

  2. There are things we have found that we don’t actually need..

For me, there were SO many things I realized I didn’t need. One of those was lash extensions.

Don’t get me wrong.. I really LOVED my extensions and still miss them. But, after allowing my natural lashes to have a break and grow back fuller and longer I’ve really enjoyed them!

I’m also saving a ton of money each month. I was spending nearly $140-$150 a month on full volume lash extensions!


Are they worth it? I would say it’s up to you. I enjoyed them the last 2.5 years because I always looked refreshed; even with no makeup. When they were freshly filled, my lashes were always on point and I wasn’t spending a lot of time applying mascara.


Always having to be careful with your lashes was a pain. They are an addiction to keep and high maintenance. I also didn’t like not being able to wear whatever eyeliner I liked. Oil based was always a no go. I’m also a face sleeper, so mornings waking up with missing lashes or trying to tame them from a wacky bend in the night was a pain. Lastly, making the time to go in and sit there for an hour and a half was hard. The demand from my kids and job are getting to the point where it just isn’t worth it to jump back in.

I do miss that voluminous look though!!

So, I found an alternative that has really filled the need for that same look lash extensions gave me, but doesn’t break the bank or my natural lashes.

The Velour Lashes at Sephora are glue on lashes and come in so many styles! The ones I’m wearing in the photos are these exact ones here, called, Momma Knows Best. I love these so much! They say “low volume”, but I would slightly disagree. They are perfectly voluminous and get longer towards the outer corners of the eye for a really sexy cat eye!

I did have to cut the inner corner because I always usually get poked, but they do have kits that claim you don’t need to adjust and cut. I haven’t tried those yet, but am really interested in them next!

Here are several options including their amazing adhesive linked here!

I highly recommend the Velour Lashes! So far, they’re my favorite higher quality lashes at a great price point, and good for about 17 or so wears.

$26 bucks certainly beats $150 per month. My natural lashes are safe, I can take them off and sleep comfortably, AND I never have to go in to refill. At this point in my life.. that’s all this mama needs!

Let me know what you think of Velour Lashes if you end up trying them and share what style you liked the best!





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