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Jun 29, 2021

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Mackenzie-Childs. My opinions are my own!

Hello, Friends!

I was so very fortunate to have been invited to the #mctakeshouston Mackenzie-Childs event in March! Talk about a dream come true to work intimately with one of my favorite home decor brands of all time!

I’ve known Mackenzie-Childs my whole life. My mother’s wedding registry in 1986 had a beautiful ceramic set of Mackenzie-Childs on it, so to say my family has been in love with the brand since the very beginning could not be more accurate!

Holidays, birthdays, gift exchanges, and special occasions were always surrounded by beautiful MC pieces, so decorating my own home with Mackenzie-Childs and building my own collections brings back so many memories, as well as, creates new ones with my family.

This year, I’ve really updated my collection with fun pieces that have brought so much color, character, and fun into the house! Statement rugs, fun glassware, bright and colorful cookware are just a few of my favorite things this year.

I have so many followers reach out who are interested in Mackenzie-Childs when they see my posts. One question I always get is, “How do you decorate with Mackenzie-Childs and how do you fit it into what you already have?”

I love getting these questions because it’s really a simple explanation… You just have FUN with it! Don’t worry about things being matchy matchy.. Mackenzie-Childs pieces are statement pieces for the kitchen and the home that will most definitely stand out. They are conversation starters that bring about a story or a memory. They aren’t just salt and pepper shakers.. they’re a stunning Parchment Check set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers that add a beautiful detail to the Easter table setting. They’re a Tango style wine decanter that makes wine look (and maybe even taste) better than just WINE! It’s more than just a saucepan.. It’s a bold and beautiful flower market sauce pan that makes my spaghetti the best, and most beautiful, spaghetti!

You can’t worry about how to decorate with Mackenzie-Childs. It’s finding a piece you love, bringing it home, and creating a new centerpiece to your home! Speaking of centerpieces, let’s start by talking about how I’ve incorporated some of MC’s most beautiful new rugs that have become the highlight in our entry way!

This is the Tudor Rose style rug in the Octagon shape. I wanted a more circular style for the front entry as you come in. It makes it feel more centered. The roses are stunning and the detail is absolutely amazing in person. These are very well made rugs, and very thick!

Photo Jun 16, 7 48 16 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 16, 7 48 53 PM.jpg

Another rug I chose for the house was for my kitchen! Yes, I am a fan of rugs everywhere.. even in the kitchen. I love making a statement in areas where you don’t expect it. I chose the new Flower Market rug to go under my little island. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on it being there. It really adds color and amplifies my new Flower Market cookware! Who doesn’t love a beautiful floral print?

Photo Jun 16, 7 38 49 PM.jpg

Photo Jun 16, 7 21 42 PM.jpg

The boys LOVE my Courtly Check cushions!

The boys LOVE my Courtly Check cushions!

You can find all my Flower Market cookware here!

Aside from some of my bigger pieces I grabbed some new kitchenware as well! I love to entertain and had my heart set on this beautiful trifle bowl for years! I finally snagged it and decided to do a fun 4th of July dessert in it to celebrate America with a sweet treat to share with friends and family! My whole table is a mix of the Royal Check collection and some blue and white Ralph Lauren Home vases. Like I said, mixing and matching is what makes MC so much fun to decorate with!

Photo May 30, 2 47 31 PM.jpg

Photo May 30, 2 42 47 PM.jpg

Shop the post here!

Decorating with Mackenzie-Childs is one of my favorite ways to add life into my home. They’re whimsical statement pieces that always have a bold presence stating, “I’m here!” The hand painted details, the colors, the designs… Mackenzie-Childs is really unlike any other home decor brand you will ever find. They’re as unique as their products. I like to consider them, the Chanel of the Kitchen, if you will! They’re pieces that can hold a story or a memory, and can be passed on from one generation to the next. Mackenzie-Childs has really meant more to me than just the pieces themselves, but has represented family memories of my life that I will always cherish and pass on.



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