My Favorite Amazon Travel Products

Aug 20, 2023

Hi everyone!

We recently went to Argentina for a dove hunt- which was absolutely fabulous! More on that later..

Since this was the first time we were leaving the country in years I decided to really upgrade my travel gear. I needed a nice carry on bag that would be versatile and have a ton of room. I need all the space I can get, and believe me when I say, I can pack a bag! I love making sure I have everything I need. It just gives me peace of mind knowing that for a long travel day like the one we were about to embark on, that I would have entertainment, meds, magazines, and more to enjoy.

Here are a few of my top favorite Amazon travel items that TRULY came in handy!


These were perfect and came at a great price! I will say I would have rather had Beats just for the purpose of being able to share audio on my ipad (Kirk and I wanted to watch a movie together). If you don’t have Apple or Beats brands you aren’t able to pair up together. However, these worked just fine as we mostly watched our own shows. These also come with a cord to plug into the airplane’s audio as well which was perfect because on the first flight there wasn’t wifi, so I was forced to watch the airplane move selection. I know I know… the airlines are usually good about handing out audio sets, but they’re the cheapos and don’t cancel out noise like these do. They’re so comfortable!

Pill Storage Organizer

I love this little thing! There was plenty of room to take all my supplements and vitamins. There are multiple organizers on both sides of this pill box. Love having my vitamins with me during travel because I hate getting off my routine! Traveling always throws off my digestion and I bloat like crazy no matter what, but having my vitamin routine with me helps a lot.

Lovevook Carry On Bag

Okay. THIS is the ultimate carry on bag! I love this thing so much! It comes in multiple colors and has a million pockets. I love that the main compartment has clothing latches like a suitcase to keep your clothing in order. There is a perfect compartment for holding your laptop or ipad, and 3 smaller bags for containing your shoes, toiletries, and more! The straps are so comfortable and the size is perfectly in line with airline carry on requirements. I have never been much of a girl who only travels with a carry on, but this perfect bag has me thinking it could be possible!

Eye Mask

This is that eye mask every influencer has been talking about! Super soft and comfortable. It is very padded and allows for plenty of room for lash extensions. I slept so much better on the plane with this! Highly recommend you get one of these!

Cosmetic Light Pocket Mirror

This baby was amazing! It’s smaller than I thought, but fit perfectly in my bag. I was able to see myself and touch up on the plane and at the airport! I use this everyday; especially, for date nights in a dark swanky restaurant.

Universal Plug

This was completely necessary since the place we stayed in Argentina had these for us, however, I was thinking this would be handy in the airports or on the plane. Turns out we used this a lot more than we thought we would have! So glad we have this in our gear for future travels!

That’s it so far! Overall, these products were all so handy and perfect to travel with. I was hands free the entire time with the help of my backpack. I love purchasing items that make sense and that I can use on the daily (not just for travel). I hope you found this helpful when you begin preparing to take that next trip!





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