Handling Hatefulness

Dec 17, 2017


Hey guys,

This is a post that comes from the heart.

Everyone deals with some sort of hatefulness in their life. Some from strangers, friends, co-workers, sometimes EVEN family. There are certain situations that arise from individuals so hateful and want nothing more than to see you hurt, squirm, fail, and give up on your dreams. At times when you think these individuals are for you they turn. What is the deal?? Sometimes it’s hard to imagine people who you think are close to us are actually against us in every way. Why?

The majority of why hatefulness exists is because people are intimidated, threatened, scared, and jealous of you. There are people that are always going to be ugly and snotty when the light isn’t shining on them. It’s sad to say, but this world isn’t always cheery and bright. How do you deal with people who present drama and hate to your life?

1. Always be the bigger person. Don’t give them the time of day. If someone wants to act like that then let them show their a**. It will always come back to bite them.

2. Live in your own world and surround yourself with positive people. Expel negative individuals who poison your joy. If that means cutting someone out completely, then so be it. Honey, you have one life. Make it one you enjoy!

3. Don’t get stuck and hang on the words or actions someone has said or done to you. Filter it out and FORGET about it.

4. If you’ve tried for years to make a toxic relationship work and it continues to fail… remove yourself from the situation.

5. Hold onto your support. My husband is my biggest fan, supporter, and partner. He would go to the ends of the Earth to rescue me from anything. I love him so much!

6. My most important step… PRAYER. I am seriously telling you that God is there for you always..even through your darkest days. He knows everything you’re going through and if you give Him all of the weight of what you’re dealing with- He will take it from you. I let go a lot of what has been happening lately to Him, and I can seriously feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of me. It works, guys.

Remember that you are the child of The King. He is there for you and will never forsake you. Keep your mind strong and do not waiver at those who enjoy inflicting pain on you. Also, continuously remind yourself that those people are sad. They are people who really have issues of their own and are probably going through battles within themselves. It isn’t your job to try and change them.

I hope you aren’t dealing with hurt, hate, pain, or sorrow, but if you are I hope that what I have said really helps you out. Everyone experiences this at some point, and if you want to reach out and chat about it- I’m here for ya! Enjoy your family, life, and don’t think for another second about the drama. You are worth more!

Love, B



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