Fighting the Flu Season

Dec 23, 2017


Okay guys…..

Believe me when I say.. sometimes you are just destined to be sick.. The right conditions matched up, you were exposed to enough.. who knows.. you’re SICK.

HOWEVER.. do I feel like you can take the appropriate precautions to avoid the FLU?? Absolutely.

Let’s be real. Having your whole family come down with the same thing is torture. I grew up with that experience because when we went to school who knows what crazy germs we brought back with us. We were sick a lot around the holidays, or when strains passed through our kid world. Fortunately, I haven’t yet dealt with this issue with our family yet. 1)Fisher is not in school or day care 2) I take precautions. Here are the things I do to keep my family well through the holidays aka flu season:

1) DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. Seriously, If you can keep your babes home and not have to take them out for every little errand..DO IT. People are seriously everywhere right now touching everything, coughing on everything, and sneezing on everything….it’s a germ-tastic world.

2) Keep yourself germ free. I have a pump bottle of sanitizer in the car door of my driver’s side. Why? I work in hospitals (the DIRTIEST places ever). Also, I keep a small sanitizer bottle in my diaper bag and my purse. If you’ve been out somewhere do NOT touch baby. Wash those hands, mama!

3) Keep others who are sick quarantined. The in-laws and their kids are sick? Uncle and Aunt came in and not feeling so well? Sorry, everyone…..No can do at my house. It may seem harsh, but it’s not worth your family getting sick over one visit. Your friends and family should understand.

4) If you’re kids are sick…keep them home. No one needs these sick babies out spreading the sickness to other kids and people, and you’re kids will be better faster when they are resting at home.

5) Get your flu shots….. I’ve had mine every year for the past 8-10 years and I haven’t had the flu…

6) Exercise. Be a fit fam! The more fit and healthy you are the more your immune system is able to fight out any pesky colds. Eat right and take those vitamins!

7) Relax and keep your anxiety down! I feel the the more stressed and burnt out I get the more sickly and exhausted I feel.

8. Lysol spray everything. I spray the baby’s toys, play mats, bouncer, etc. I even spray his car seat, stroller, and diaper bag. Think about all the places you lay that thing down… gross. Spray the air with it! Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!

9. Act fast when you feel something coming on. Rest and hydrate yourself! If you’re coming down with something all you can do is up your vitamin C intake and take it easy… I personally don’t believe in going straight for antibiotics or meds because you become immune to them when you abuse them.

10. Things my mom would give us when we caught a bug: gatorade (hydrate), peach juice (for nausea), saltine crackers, chicken broth (the ultimate healer), and a cold rag for the head… she is the best! 

It’s a tough season out there ya’ll. I heard there is a strain going around that is resistant to treatment (crazy FLU on steroids or something). These are just a few tips I use to keep my family and I healthy through the flu season! I hope you all stay well!


Love, B







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