Bathroom Organizers: Glam Up Your Space

Oct 5, 2017

Hi Beauties,

It’s Friday! I’m so thankful to God and to all of you for following along. It makes my day when you find my content useful! Today I’m talking about bathroom organization and how you can go from drab to spa-like in no time.

bathroom organizers

EYE love you...LOL sorry, I had to....

EYE love you…LOL sorry, I had to….



bathroom organizers

I found this glass jewelry case at Homegoods by Nicole Miller. If you didn’t know, she has DARLING home decor. Fav thing about it- it’s a double decker (which I need).  I usually put my absolute favorite pieces in the case, or the ones I just bought that have stolen my hot right now pieces… (those eyeball heart earrings from H&M). So cute and funky-and they remind me of the book from Hocus Pocus. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to leave. LOL






bathroom organizers

I brought in this marble tray (also found at Homegoods) to place featured items like, perfumes, fav earrings, and your RING-duh. I think it is so cute to have a dedicated place for your wedding ring! I have so many perfumes I sometimes forget about some and need to use them, so instead of putting them all there, I avoid the clutter and just rotate them out three at a time. Don’t forget the candle! I love lighting mine while I take a bath.

Speaking of baths….


bathroom organizers

bathroom organizers

So, I’ll be honest. I hate my master bathroom. It’s decked out with 70s tile, an old yellow tub, and carpeted stairs leading up to it… GROSS. So, as I wait for our bathroom overhaul/remodel I decided to glam up what I can control in here. PS I take baths in the much more updated guest bathroom… just fyi lol.

I use glass decanters to store my q-tips, cotton pads, and bar soaps. You can also use them to store bath salts if you find a cute little scooper. I’ve done this before-just make sure to keep the salts dry (sometimes the humidity of the bathroom can make it sticky in the decanter).  It makes everything seem so much more fancy. I also roll my white towels and put them in a basket on the floor near the tub for easy reach.. House guests love this easy grab and go towel storage as well.

My jewelry organizer is the cutest two layer glass box. I love how easy it is to open it up and grab what you need, and it’s another way to showcase some of your favorite pieces as well. This box is from Nicole Miller and you can find it at Homegoods. I think I got mine for around $20 which is a fantastic price. Nicole Miller has the CUTEST home décor line.

Don’t forget the candles! I always have a candle or two in the bathroom. Sometimes I light it and take it to the bathtub edge to set the tone. I get really into baths.. LOL. I also have a variety of essential oils that I drop into the water. I have recently gotten into essential oils and you can find really great quality oils at Homegoods for good prices if you are wanting to try some out.

No matter what your bathroom looks like (super fancy or not) you can have a spa like atmosphere and enjoy your space of relaxation with these fun tips! If you have any bathroom organization ideas comment below, so I can feature them! I love hearing what other people do!






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