Buy Buy Baby: The Ultimate Place to Build Your Baby Registry

Jun 19, 2019

Buy Buy Baby: The Ultimate Place to Build Your Baby Registry

Buy Buy Baby: The Ultimate Place to Build Your Baby Registry

Buy Buy Baby: The Ultimate Place to Build Your Baby Registry

Buy Buy Baby: The Ultimate Place to Build Your Baby Registry

Buy Buy Baby: The Ultimate Place to Build Your Baby Registry

Buy Buy Baby: The Ultimate Place to Build Your Baby Registry

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Well, here I am again! Baby number two is well on the way and at 24 weeks along it’s time to start getting my list together to get ready for him to arrive! I can’t believe I’m already a little over halfway through this pregnancy- it has flown by so FAST! All of a sudden, I looked up and I only had 4 months to go. I recently started racking my brain over what I needed. It seems like yesterday I had Fisher, yet, at the same time, seems so long ago. What things do I need for a newborn again? Fortunately, I had the pleasure in partnering with Buy Buy Baby for all my registry needs and the whole process was so easy and effortless!

Buy Buy Baby has professionals who specialize in all the different departments to help you find and learn about all the products you could ever imagine for a baby. If you haven’t stepped foot into a Buy Buy Baby yet, and are a first time mom, think Bed Bath and Beyond, but completely about BABY. It is the ultimate destination for anything you could ever need for your newborn! There are so many products required when preparing for your little one, but taking the first step in creating a registry with Buy Buy Baby takes away all of the stress in trying to think of it all yourself.

It can be overwhelming learning about all the different products on your own. When I had Fisher I took it upon myself to learn and investigate every single gadget and gizmo that was on the market. It became stressful. Do I need this? What is this? What is the purpose? Is it safe? Soooo many questions rushed into my head on a daily basis and the clock kept ticking down to the due date. This time around, I’m one kid into the motherhood game with an insanely busy schedule, so it was an easy decision to go through Buy Buy Baby for help.

I made my way over to the registry department and began the process. All it takes is a quick input of information. When your baby is due, your name…easy questions we expecting mothers can answer (preggo brain has shown no mercy right now). Next, you’re given an updated checklist of all the basic products everyone needs for their little one. How easy is that? I loved having the booklet in my hands to look through and check off while in store, and they update the book frequently to stay in line with all the latest on the market. I started remembering all little things I had forgotten about like, nipples for bottles, new tubing for my pump, and size N newborn pampers! I also had a professional walk with me and help me scan all the additional products I needed to add to my registry like a second seat for my Uppa Baby Stroller, another car seat, and another high chair. I would not have thought about these major things had I not had that helping hand from Buy Buy Baby!

After getting lost in all the fun in scanning for your baby you’ll have access to your registry via your username and password. You can edit, add, and subtract anything you need from the comfort of your own home, or on the go. You’ll have the information to give to your friends and family to start shopping for you and your baby as well! It’s that simple.

Creating a registry with Buy Buy Baby has other benefits as well! You’ll receive a reward of $25 off every $100 in-store purchase through their referral program! You can also receive FREE shipping on your baby’s first year when the gifts purchased from your registry value over $1500. Can you imagine free shipping on diapers for a year? You’re definitely gonna need those! Finally, you will also receive a 15% off discount on remaining items from your registry if you have any left over to purchase. This is such a great incentive because when they’re things you really need to have you can still get them in at an even better price. How great is that?!

From furniture for your nursery, clothing, diapers, carriers, strollers, car seats, diaper bags, and even snacks, Buy Buy Baby has everything you can think of to be ready for motherhood. I feel so much more prepared this time around with a registry that I know has been created with the help of friendly staff and knowledgeable product specialists! If you have any questions about the process or my experience please let me know!

Here are a few of my favorite big item buys that truly saved me when I had Fisher!

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