A Look Fit for a Queen…. Bee

Mar 2, 2018







I love this look and it completely reminded me of a honey bee AKA my blog name LOL I think it is seriously the perfect post to start March off with being as it’s my birthday month and I feel like anytime March comes around I somehow feel more powerful, in my element, and on top of my game. (I may have also just received the Mackenzie Childs magazine and they are seriously having a honey bee collection going on right now) I think it’s a sign!

I also wanted to take a brief moment and talk about the importance of authenticity and being yourself. Basically, I’m going to take a moment and have a vent sesh with you. I am honestly so sick of bloggers copying one another with the purses, shoes, etc. Are you not? Like, I understand every now and then you legitimately see something and really like it-so you get it. BUT I am over all the same stuff on Instagram. If you’re buying it because you really like it-good for you. If you’re buying it because that’s what everyone else is doing… stop it LOL. The same Gucci bag, basket purse, white booties (see my stories later) LOL. It’s like hearing the same song over and over on the radio…yawn.

ANYWAY I shot this look with the help of my amazing sister who has a hidden talent for taking amazing pics. I am loving the yellow vibes right now. I used to hate yellow for some reason, but I’ve grown to like it now. The ruffles on this dress and the fact that it wraps around and ties to the hip is my favorite part about it. I decided to pair it with some black heels and accessories. My Rebecca Minkoff purse was the perfect fit along with my new sequin black hoop earrings I found at Nordstrom Rack.

My sunnies (which I am absolutely obsessed with) are from ALDO for $16! I’ve linked these along with everything else below! These are so similar to the Yves Saint Laurent ones I’ve seen around. I couldn’t believe I found them because I was honestly just going in to see if they had any neat clear shoes.. (currently having a fetish on all things translucent). I spotted them and was like…FABULOUS!!!! *in Jim Carrey voice*

So, that’s today’s look. I have so much lined up fashion hive wise I can’t wait to show you! Have a fantastic Friday my friends!

Love, B



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