A Robinson Family Christmas

Dec 6, 2017



Christmas time is literally my favorite and I wanted to share several family traditions we HAVE to do every year. Join in on the fun with us!

Christmas Cookies

Because Santa really needs them, right? WRONG. MOM DOES. I have been making cookies with my mom for Christmas every year since I was little. I may go simple this year being as though my little helper is only 6 months old..  Hopefully Santa likes Pillsbury Chocolate Chip!


Lights & Home Decor

You HAVE to put up lights! I am all about it. I’d put lights up on every inch of the house and go really Griswald if I could (Kirk would really rather not since he’d be the one doing all the work lol). We also love to go drive around and look at all the lights with some Christmas music going! I also have it on when I’m decorating around the house with a glass of wine. Nothing quite puts you in the spirit than some Christmas instrumental! My house is a Christmas explosion right now, and I am currently shooting my Holiday Home Tour!


Every year you have to watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. It is a MUST. I really like all the other classics too like, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (and all those little animated ones), A Christmas Story, The Grinch, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and all the oldies in black and white! I’m not a Hallmark sappy Christmas movie kinda girl…… I’d rather watch the traditional ones.




Christmas Tree

Gotta love the Christmas tree decorating time! If you saw my Christmas tree post you saw how crazy we were and still are about putting up ornaments. Don’t forget the pickle ornament!


We always go to an early service on Christmas Eve. I love the songs and the dimly lit chapel. It’s all about Jesus after all! Then, it’s off to eat either at our house or out. I would much rather be at home because unless you have reservations it is going to be hell out there. I also love being home on Christmas Eve because when I was young we would actually go to my Mema’s house after church and were allowed to open ONE of our gifts before going back to our house to sleep before Santa came.


Christmas Morning

Yay for Christmas Day! When we were young we would race into our parents room at like, 5am… that was usually a no go. SO..we waited for my parents while sitting around the tree separating our gifts, emptying our stockings, and making piles so we could be all organized when mom and dad got up. WE KNEW NOT TO OPEN ANYTHING BEFORE THAT OLD SCHOOL VIDEO CAMERA CAME ON OR IT WAS HELL TO PAY.  As we got older my mom started serving mimosas and quiche! That is one of my favorite traditions. Who doesn’t love mimosas and quiche?!… only weirdos.

This was quickly followed up by watching the Christmas Day Parade and football. Everyone gets cleaned up and ready for the big meal (which is basically Thanksgiving all over again) although lately we have been mixing it up with prime rib or some bangin steaks. For desert there is always a sweet potato pie (MY FAV and it beats pumpkin by a long shot in my opinion), Mema’s homemade fudge, more cookies, and a mystery cranberry salad. No one knows whats really in the cranberry salad, but it is amazing.

Elf on the Shelf (future tradition)

When I saw Elf on the Shelf years ago I knew I would be that mom who really makes their Elf get out of control… Fisher is just not old enough yet for me to be going ham making our Elf do crazy stuff besides it being for my own entertainment-or to mess with Kirk LOL.  Maybe when he turns 3 or so!

Be Adventurous

This year we are trying to incorporate some new things to see if we like them enough to revisit every year. We are going to try and go to the Moody Lights and Ice.. I heard that was pretty good. That Santa Town place out near College Station always looks cool too. I pass it on the way to some of our accounts out in Bryan and I’m always so curious with how it is! Has anyone been out there yet?!


These are some of our favorite Christmas traditions! What are some traditions you and your family do every year? I’d love to hear!

Merry Christmas!


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