Going on a BAE-cation!

Aug 22, 2018




I honestly hate leaving Fisher… it could be to go to the grocery store for an hour and I’m missing him.. #pathetic. But, we all need a little break from the kiddos/work and guess who needs your attention? Your husband, wife, partner….You’re married, remember?? Our partners sometimes get the shaft when it comes to who comes first for care. That’s why it is crucial to get away with them for a vacation every now and then. 

1. The obvious reason is you are both able to give each other one on one attention. The daily grind comes with all kinds of things to do (mostly involving the kids, work, housework). On vacay you actually have the time to sit there and be with one another and reconnect- no distractions.

2. You also get to realign your relationship. I know for me and Kirk, even a date night every once in a while gets us back to where we need to be in our relationship. Remembering why you love each other and what is important to both of you in your marriage. 

3. Be adventurous. Kirk and I LOVE excursions, although sometimes we fight over what each of us thinks makes a “fun” excursion. Kirk would perhaps prefer flying over a volcano with the doors off a helicopter in Hawaii, where I would think that was NOT a good idea for “relaxation”..especially after we had just found out I was pregnant! LOL Whatever the case may be it’s fun to explore together and face new things! 

4. You may make another addition to your family………. just sayin. Its possible. 

5. Going on vacation with your team mate is special. Be sure to be appreciative of all they do on a daily basis for the family and for you. Recharge each other to come back home a better partner, parent, and employee. You need each other to be at your best to make things happen and you chose to be together because you felt your partner was going to make the best team mate to help keep you there. 

I hope you enjoy your next bae-cation and come back stronger than ever for one another and your family! Your relationship is the foundation for the rest of your tribe and if that is stronger than ever your home and family life/kids will be able to have the support and love they need to develop into the best people they can be. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Love, B




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