Home for the Holidays with Thumbtack

Dec 19, 2018

Home for the Holidays with Thumbtack


Home for the Holidays with Thumbtack

Home for the Holidays with Thumbtack

It was one of those days where everything got done, but nothing got done… The kitchen was a disaster from making holiday food for several parties, that night’s dinner, and the baby’s food had found a way to decorate the walls. Sound familiar? All I could think about was how much I needed to clean, the laundry left to wash, and the holiday list that seemed never ending. In that moment, amidst the chaos, I hear something burst in the walls.

“This isn’t good” I think to myself as the dog starts eating all the scattered baby snacks from the floor. I start listening around the room and found the problem area which sounded like something spewing within the walls. Almost immediately after that, the sound stops and water starts leaking from the vent in the ceiling, and by leaking I mean steadily pouring out… Thank goodness the toilet was directly below catching all the water, but this was surely something I had never seen before and I was scrambling to figure out what to do.

First, I called the husband. He’s a pretty handy guy and I usually don’t call him home in the middle of the afternoon, but this was a home emergency. The vision in my mind of what the leak looked like behind those walls was nightmarish. Could it be soaking into the sheet rock? How bad is it? The scariest thing of all was wondering, “How much is this going to put us out and are our son’s Christmas gifts going to be jeopardized?!” We’ve got a budget, like a lot of other families, and the second that pipe burst, my heart sank.

As my husband made his way home, I immediately jumped onto my Thumbtack app. He and I both know there are certain things that are well above his handy-work. We’ve used Thumbtack several times and have never had a single bad experience. I was praying this situation would result in the same. We decided to work with a Thumbtack professional called Plumbkrazy Service. They were literally at our house within thirty minutes of us calling on them, and were extremely friendly, professional, and quick to assess and fix the issues! It seemed so easy I almost thought there had to be a catch. No catch. Just another amazing experience using this awesome app. Best of all, all the professionals on Thumbtack are reasonably priced and won’t take advantage of your situation like some businesses do; especially, during the holidays.

The services and professionals found on Thumbtack are endless. You can find anyone for any project, fix-it job, and building service. I’ve explored the app just to see what options we had in case anything were to happen and I will say there is an impressive list! Not only can you find top of the line repair services you can also locate professional services for major life events! They have wedding and party planners, decorators, DJs, bartenders, and much more. I strongly recommend downloading the app if you haven’t already just to have it on standby. It’s very reassuring having a helpful hand at your fingertips!

I couldn’t thank Plumbkrazy Service enough for the speedy work and professionalism, and I’m so thankful the Thumbtack app is available to help people locate the best service professionals in their area. Whether it’s during the chaotic holiday season, or just another weekday, Thumbtack is there for any home fix-it emergency and much more!




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