How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

Jun 10, 2020

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

How to Decorate a Swan Themed Baby Shower

Hi there! This shower was so much fun to decorate and you can easily replicate it yourself! I’ve linked everything below. As an affiliate I make a small comission on any purchases made. Thank you!

What a beautiful shower this was!

I can’t get enough of how this entire baby shower turned out for my dear friend, Amanda. She is one of the sweetest and best friends I have, so I was honored to co-host and decorate for her swan themed baby shower!

Amanda is due in June with a little girl and what could be a more fitting theme than swans??? She also chose swans for her nursery theme which is SO darling. This is actually such a unique theme as I haven’t seen too many choose swans for their showers or nurseries which made me love it even more. I’m all about the unique ideas!

It’s also great that she wanted swans in her shower since some of the decor I found will be perfect in her daughter’s room as well. If you’re in charge of hosting and decorating for a shower I hope you find my post to be inspiring! This was so much fun!

Decorations and Links:

Green Garlands for Baby Shower

  • Candle Votives – Amazon

  • Gold Letter C –Amazon

  • Galvanized Cake Stand –Amazon (I’m featuring a galvanized one, but this link goes to a beautiful set of gold ones + cupcake holder!)

  • Baby Blocks with Balloons- Amazon

Balloon arches have become such a big part of parties, showers, and celebrations, and make such a statement! Who doesn’t love balloons? Well, they’re now being used to create some of the most amazing and artistic decorations that can really bring your party to life without breaking the bank; especially, if you grab a balloon kit from Amazon!

I’ve created countless balloon arches myself in a variety of different ways, but the kit I received was the easiest I’ve ever put together and the most beautiful! It came with an electric air pump you plug into the wall to effortlessly fill each balloon. I chose to do a full blush on blush theme to emphasize all the girly vibes. It also came with different sized balloons to add depth and dimension to the arch, heavy duty clear fishing line for tying the balloons together, and easy to follow instructions on how to assemble. THAT’S IT. I put this baby together in less than 30 minutes and the guests were stunned. I tucked in white feather boas to compliment the swan theme and completed the look with pink roses.

The swan cake topper, cupcake pics, and large swan figurine were all from Etsy. I could not believe how beautiful the swan decor was at SpoutAndFeteCo. Shannon puts so much care into every single detail and was so thoughtful to consider my timeline for the party. The florals and feathers on the swan figurine were so realistic, and will be perfect to sit in the new baby’s nursery! (Part of the reason I got the swan was that it was perfect for the nursery!) The cake topper was absolutely perfect and appeared to just float on top of the cake. I could not have been happier with all of the items.. they MADE the whole theme complete. The swan garland was from SteshaParty and complimented the rest of the decor perfectly! I loved the little crowns on all the swans!

The BABY blocks decorations are so in and I have seen them at so many other showers. I love how sweet they are and how fun with them being so oversized. I filled with pink, gold, and white balloons (which the kit came with). You put together each box individually, stick on the letters, and fill with balloons. Tape down the edges for a seamless look and you’re done! I wrapped my last feather boa down around the bottom and inserted some faux roses along the edges of the blocks to complete the look.

The rest of the ‘fill in’ decor I got from Hobby Lobby, but you can definitely find it on Amazon (linked above). This is my favorite place to grab those extra little things like, ribbon, greenery, florals, feathers, and other little things that really ties it all together. You can get carried away in that place.. I do every time! I also got the candle votives from there as candles are always a MUST at all of my parties I decorate for. They just give a little breath of life into the scene and add that ambiance!

Don’t forget to make sure and have plenty of GM double sided tape. It comes off easily, it’s thick, clear, and it’s easy to cut. I use this for my heavier garlands and banners. I also have a pair of scissors handy, fishing line, a candle lighter, wire cutters (for the florals), and regular scotch tape.

I hope you find inspiration in my swan themed baby shower! Don’t forget to share this post and let me know what you think!





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