Feb 23, 2018








So, I cannot believe how crazy this month has been. I’ve been juggling work, blog, baby, husband, and house… NOT in that order! Women are on the MOVE these days, and I wanted to take this time to celebrate a team of women that have started something amazing!

LivShape is a company that was created by best friends and business partners,  Priscilla and Yuri. They offer some of the cutest athletic wear for women. More importantly, they are a woman focused company and based around women empowerment, the importance of spirituality, finding your inner strengths, and discovering the power to live your life boldly. In a world where there are so many negative things happening I thought it was so refreshing to find LivShape! The more we encourage one another to do great things and be successful the better (especially when it’s someone you know from high school!) When Priscilla told me she left her corporate job to focus on what her passions were in life, and make those passions profitable I couldn’t have been more proud of her! That seriously takes some guts! WHO RUNS THE WORLD?! For more information on LivShape, the company, and the founders go to www.livshape.com and follow Pricilla and Yuri at @simply_prissy and @yuri1c.

Now, about the cute work out gear….

LOVE LOVE LOVE the feel and the print. It is VERY Lululemon vibe as far as material goes and I loved them for that. I think that everything fits great and I’m super happy with it! The crop top sweater is designed well with cute cut outs on the arms and the LivShape symbol on the front. It also comes in white! The sports bra is comfy and very supportive. I especially love how the straps on the bottom are placed. Very nicely done! The leggings are just the CUTEST tropical print. With hibiscus flowers and palm prints how could anyone in your yoga class not be a tad bit jealous? I seriously wore this whole outfit and in the first 30 minutes I was getting so many compliments and everyone at the resort wanted to know where I got it. They thought it was the coolest thing to be from a company that had a strong message behind it.

SO, go grab your set of LIvShape wear and support your fellow women!  When someone asks you about the brand you wear you’ll be happy to tell her all about it.

Love, B




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