How to Find Luxury Goods for Less with Fashionphile

Aug 22, 2019

How to Find Luxury Goods for Less with Fashionphile

If you’re like me, or any other woman out there who loves iconic designer brands, you’re going to LOVE what I have to share with you today.

For years, I scoped out how much it was going to cost me to save up for a Chanel purse. You know you want one too. Who doesn’t dream of owning a Chanel?! I know men who go crazy over Chanel and understand the value this brand has and how classic and sophisticated its reputation has been for decades. Let’s just say, getting one of these bad girls was definitely on my list of things to achieve before I die. I WOULD get one ONE day.

I happened to run across a Youtube blogger who went on and on about how amazing this site called, Fashionphile was. I had never heard of this site, but she had a TON of designer and luxury bags she claimed all came from there. My first thought was, “okay, but are they actually legit and authentic?” Turns out they are!

I clicked into Fashionphile and OMG was there a selection! They literally have tons of different designer brands from jewelry, to bags, to shoes. Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci…. Some are brand new and never used items (the higher priced items that are closer to retail value) and others are gently used (lower priced depending on wear and tear).

You really have to look through and inspect every listing to be sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Their description bios are very detailed, honest, and particular, so READ. I love that they also have professional appraisers in the company that inspect each product and verify their authenticity. So, where do these designer goodies come from?

So, the majority of the items listed come from previous owners. You can send your goods to Fashionphile where they are professionally inspected, and sell them to the site for payment in return based on what the value of your goods ended up being. Customers can then go to the site and purchase gently used items at prices FAR BELOW retail value! After purchasing your item they will allow you to sell it back to them for a little less than what you purchased it for (obviously you’ll have used it even more and it will need to be inspected again). This is a great option for those who end up not liking their purchase after all. That was not the case for me. I LOVE my Chanel and let that sell-back opportunity laps because It is literally mine forever.

All the products listed flow in and out of the site quickly depending on the latest trends, so don’t expect to see your beautiful pink Hermes cuff for too long! There are new things that are listed weekly/daily, and they sell that fast as well. That’s also how I knew these were great quality products because they were selling!

If you need even MORE convincing that Fashionphile is legit then I’ll inform you that they also partnered with Neiman Marcus recently! This was such exciting news! Not to mention one of the biggest bloggers, Rachel Parcel also represents Fashionphile. You can now see her on their website. Another score for credibility!

Need more convincing?

Okay, well my own personal purchase of my first Chanel purse should be the icing on the cake for you. I chose the double pocketed, quilted leather, black Chanel purse with gold accents, and it… is…. gorgeous. I believe the size is “jumbo” if I’m not mistaken. I wanted the purse to have enough room to hold all my belongings while also fitting handsomely under my arm as a shoulder bag. There were several listed that were similar. They each said the condition was basically “new” and “hardly used”. Perfect. That’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted a bag that was just enough of a new bag not to look beat up, but still used with a lower price point. It took me 2 weeks to take the plunge ( I checked to be sure it was still there everyday… thinking about clicking “buy now”) There were several that were the same, so I wasn’t too worried if some got snagged. It was going to cost me $5k, so I HAD to be sure it was the right move. I had worked really hard for that bonus at my corporate job. Like… worked my ass off. It was the perfect timing and I wasn’t sure if I would ever allow myself to make such a selfish purchase ever again now that we have kids, so I jumped in and bought it!

Never have I been more happy or proud of a material item I bought myself. I had waited forever to get this bag and it was finally mine. I don’t keep it safe and hidden from the world either. I USE this baby. It’s been to Vegas with me, out to eat at fancy dinner dates, and out on the town here in Houston. If I was going to buy a bag I was going to LOVE the bag and USE the bag. Being that it’s technically used also takes the sting out of sitting it next to me in public areas while out. It has also been very easy to keep clean and the leather is SO buttery soft to the touch. It sits at the top of my closet out of the dust bag like a showpiece on display.

Fashionphile is literally the best discovery for those who LOVE high end fashion, but would also love a little lower $$$ attached. Want to SAVE EVEN MORE? Fashionphile also has an OUTLET! Get up to 80% off retail by visiting the link here!

Please let me know if you have any questions about the bag, my experience, or how Fashionphile works. If you do purchase something from the site please let me know how you like it! I would love to hear about your experience as well.





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