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Nov 7, 2017
















I’m not sure that I’ve ever been so excited about so many things all at once! 1) One of my sorority sisters is getting married (a Gamma wedding is always a good time) 2) It’s in Mexico 3) I get to relive all of the summer feels 4) Vacation time! 5) Did I mention it’s a wedding in paradise? PS. I apologize for blinding you with my whiteness- this was pre spray tan (adding this to the list of things to bring).

Basically, I can’t wait! Packing is my thing. I HATE unpacking, but if you need help packing..I’m your girl. I just took over the entire guest bedroom so I would have enough space to pack…RIDIC. Kirk and I got married in Cabo last August, so I had a VERY different list of things to pack as a bride. Now, I’m a guest, and I’ve compiled a list of things to bring to either a wedding, or even, a winter vacay in the tropics!

1. Dresses. I can’t tell you enough how you will love wearing dresses at these resorts-not just because it’s Mexico and it’s pretty much summer year round. During the day bring casual dresses you can wear that are flowy and comfy to lounge around the resort. I liked wearing my bikini underneath to head straight to the pool after breakfast (yea, we like to start early over here).

2. Bring a dress to wear each night. A lot of the resorts in Mexico are “all inclusive” so, they usually have several different restaurants on site. These vary in dress code, so to eliminate any issues I like bringing cocktail dresses or a cute romper. You can never go wrong with that. I mean, you can definitely get away with some dark skinnies, but I personally, can’t stand wearing jeans in heat.

3. Bring one bag/clutch that will match with all your dinner outfits, a crossbody for exploring, and a bigger bag for being poolside. You don’t want to have to bring a ton of bags ( I always end up doing this) , but bringing a few different ones gives you flexibility for whatever you’re doing. I’m mainly bringing a clutch for the wedding, but this can also work if we end up going to a fancier resort restaurant. Otherwise, a crossbody will do the entire time!

4. Bring some athletic wear and some tennis shoes. If you like going on excursions you will definitely want to bring some clothes you can get active in. In Cabo, we went on several. One involved a dune buggy/4 wheeler type adventure. It was amazing, but I’m so glad we wore some workout clothes because we got so filthy!

5. Bring at least 2 good bikinis.. this is a given! Don’t forget the sun hat!

6. Sunscreen. No one likes a lobster Bridesmaid or guest in their pictures! * I JUST GOT A SPRAY TAN* so I won’t be blinding people at the pool…

7. I could never say don’t bring heels..especially for a wedding or nights out! BUT, be careful not to forget comfy shoes. Resorts are usually huge and require A LOT of walking (at least mine did). You will be glad you brought those sandals or espadrilles!

8. A camera! Duh! Take some pics to remember your trip, and to look back on a great time spent with friends and family. Also…sunnies.. the ceremonies are usually around 4 pm, so the sun is still a BLAZIN!

9. A shawl or coverup for night time. Sometimes it cools down quite a bit at night, and there’s nothing worse than freezing while trying to have fun..or you could just take an extra shot of tequila..

10. A go-with-the-flow-attitude. Destination weddings can be stressful enough for the Bride. I remember not really knowing what was going down until the day of. I WISH I had just told myself to be calm and stress free because it was literally PERFECT! Worst thing ever is having guests act confused or add to the stress..let the wedding coordinator do their jobs, and don’t ask the Bride what’s going on because she will not know…

Outfit specifics on what I’m bringing:

Shopping for this trip has been fun and a lot of what I found was on MAJOR sale because summer is over! I have a colorful Free People romper that I’ve linked and I CANNOT wait to wear it! I have 2 different dress options for the wedding (I always weigh my options the day of). The are both short because I’m pretty sure the reception is in the sand! Gianni Bini has great dresses that are semi summery on sale right now! Most of my bikinis are Trina Turk.

I’ve packed 2 different athletic outfits for excursions, and I’ve even linked all the shoes I’m bringing for every outfit. My jewelry is a combo of both simple (day time) and statement (night time). My Louis Vuitton crossbody purse should do the trick for everyday walking and exploring, and I’m bringing several clutches (I can’t help myself with the purses).

I’ve linked SOME of the things I’m bringing with me below. I’ll be posting my attire while I’m there, so be on the lookout on IG for links to get what I found for this tropical wedding! What other things am I missing when packing for a destination wedding??



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