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Mar 13, 2018









Wow. I feel like I’m dragging my body over the finish line today… it is Monday after all LOL!

I spent the day with my manager and I may just be exhausted because I was SO nervous. Not just because he’s my manager, but because I had my boss in my car all day…judging my skills, watching my every move, seeing how I talk to my customers…Guess I was nervous for nothing because it ended up being a really great and productive day! (I may have prayed about it the night before :D) He really is a great manager!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Monday! I am looking forward to a very busy week. I still need to put up my Poshmark closet, close a few deals in the side business, hustle through my schedule for my full time job, and be mom and wife. But, for now, I’m taking one item at a time, the baby is asleep, I’m having a mimosa, and typing up this post. Blogging is relaxing to me. I love sitting down and emptying my brain to all my friends. It’s like free therapy. If you want to empty your brain onto me please do so, I’d love to hear you out!

Let’s talk about this outfit!

I brunched with the sweetest blogger babes on Saturday (hopefully you saw my stories!) We had the best time at the chic-est little placed called, Emmaline. It’s new and in the Montrose area. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it. Not only does it look cute, but the drinks are amazing and the food is wonderful!

I love anything black and white striped! This top is from Nordstrom and is the cutest little thing! I paired it with some shredded jeans from Zara and my BCBG wedges. I could’ve played it safe and worn black shoes, but who likes safe?! This camel color pops and makes a big announcement.. just like my very seasonal Louis Vuitton that I only bust out during Spring and Summer months. Those bright roses are not for the faint of heart! Also wearing my Celine sunnies and the CUTEST earrings from Anthropologie I have EVER SEEN. Sorry, but Anthro is legit when it comes to having the best most unique jewelry!! Hands down! *My wedges are BCBGeneration from last year at Dillards, so I can’t find them anywhere to link* Sorry loves!!!!

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