The Basic Fall Outfit

Sep 24, 2017






Booties: Vince Camuto    Sweater & Sunglasses: Free People   Jewlery & Jeans: Express    Perfume: Tory Burch

Seriously, this weather is ridiculous. I see all these cute gals on IG in their fall attire, and I’m over here in Houston sweating my butt off! I’m literally so anxious to get geared up in my fall clothes I’ve already worn a few sweaters knowing I’ll be hot as hell, but I don’t care- I’M SO READY FOR FALL. *Please send the cool fronts now, Jesus!* This is the season I look forward to the most! I love everything about it.. the seasonal coffees, the clothes, the decor, the football, the weather.. even the sun seems to give off this different kind of yellow light.

Can we also talk about the trends going on right now?  When I say I took advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I mean that I’m still hiding my receipts from Kirk (this wasn’t part of our new budget system). Ooops. Hey, I’m a sucker for good bargains! There were so many cute things I just couldn’t leave behind. All the bell sleeves, the cut outs, leather skirts, booties, and sweaters… I wanted it all. This off the shoulder top from Free People is one of the many I snagged during the sale. I don’t know if Nords has the Moss color anymore, but I know Macy’s does and it’s almost sold out! (links are above). I also grabbed these Vince Camuto booties. I’ve worn them at least a thousand times already..I usually always try and find some staple pieces that will go with almost any outfit for easy versatility throughout the season.

Currently, I’m pushing Kirk up the ladder to the attic to get down all the fall decor for the house.

Kirk: “Is it really time to start decorating?”

Me: “Just get up there and get my pumpkins..”

That’s a whole other thing. Gotta get your closet and your house decked out! It’s a job! I hope everyone has fun revamping their wardrobes and sprucing up their nests! Hopefully it starts feeling a little more fall-like soon…












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