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Nov 28, 2017



Hey there!!

Okay ya’ll. These are so easy I promise! I love making bows year round for wreaths, my outdoor topiaries, gifts, etc. It just gives things a little extra something cute. I love bows! I decided to make a few for each of the stockings on the mantle. Here’s what you need to easily replicate for your own home decor: (I’ve linked my stockings and ribbon at the bottom)

– thin easily pliable crafting wire

ribbon (I’m using the Mackenzie ribbon from my tree)

-hot glue gun

-scissors &/or wire cutters (the wire I like using is thin enough for a good pair of scissors to cut)

1. Take your ribbon and pull the amount you want to start your first loop (the bigger the bow the more ribbon required) This all depends how big you want to go. Pinch the loop to hold in place.



2. Wrap one end of the wire (get a good amount of wire to start) around the loop and leave the rest hanging. Take the next bit of ribbon and make another loop to match the size of the first. Pinch to hold it in place.



3. Wrap the wire around the second loop. Cut the bow from the spool. Now your bow has two loops and looks like a bow except now, we need to add the middle. Wrap remaining wire up and around the middle multiple times to hold it all together.



4. This is part is totally up to you. I like cutting a tiny piece from my ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the bow so it all matches. OR, you can take a piece of any material you want and do the same. Mix it up and glue a cute broach, or small ornament.


5. If you want yours to look like mine I use the same material and wrap it around the center of the bow- letting the two ends meet. I then hot glue those ends together. As for the wire still on the bow, I usually twist it together and glue the end so it won’t unravel.


6. DONE! If your ribbon has wire inside the edging like mine does, take it and shape it however you want. I like curving the bottom pieces- I don’t like them to stick straight down. Now, you can glue your bow, pin it, or wire it to anything you want!

I hope I didn’t sound too confusing and if you try this please let me know how it all turned out! I’d love to see your bows!

Happy Crafting!


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