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Oct 17, 2017









Hello good people!

I usually don’t post on Tuesdays, but I have SO much to share from our trip I need to start going for it to fit it all into this week. To start it off I wanted to talk a bit about the person responsible for getting us there in the first place! Meet Mr. Robinson (aka Kirkie, Kirk, Captain Kirk, or even Cookie Crisp) LOL. My husband is amazing. He’s a businessman, entrepenuer, husband, father, and best friend. He has a heart of gold and an incredible work ethic, and with that combination he is loved just as much by his customers. He has been with Sysco Houston for 4 years, and in that time he has won Chairman’s club every year and Torchbearer (the highest award) for 2.  The Torchbearer spot is incredibly hard to grab..people work their butts off for YEARS and YEARS trying to achieve it, and Kirk has been able to do it 2 years in a row in just 4 years. To have gotten it in his 3rd year is apparetly crazy.. but, I’m not surprised he did it. I am SO PROUD of him for all his accomplishments, and all that he is for our family.

It hasn’t been easy (no relationship is when you both work) to find time to spend together, and keep close. Especially, now that we have a baby. But, we always have a date night at least twice a week. Fisher goes with grandma and it’s literally ONE on ONE time; whether it be dinner, a night out on the town, or a movie. We have always believed it is crucial to keep “dating your spouse” throughout marriage. I mean, LOOK AT THIS HUNK.. But, seriously, he is just as funny as he is good looking, and for me humor is everything. I knew I needed to marry someone who could make me laugh everyday, and I hit the jackpot! How did I get so lucky?!

I could go on and on about Kirk, but for everyone at home reading and thinking this is getting mushy- “let’s quit it already!”- I’ll go ahead and talk attire. I dress my man in Brooks Brothers (his absolute favorite brand). I got him some BB cologne as part of his birthday gift last year..smells amazing. He is never found without a watch and has an obsession with Michael Kors. His dress shoes are Cole Haan. No tie…because despite the dress code he claims he, “doesn’t follow the rules” (aka hates ties)   *EYE ROLL* 

As for me, I’m wearing a bright red cocktail dress by, Gianni Bini. Supposedly, redheads are not supposed to wear red..or pink..why? I have not a clue and I hate following “fashion rules” (I wear white in the winter). I loved the swoop neck across the neckline that continued to an off the shoulder design. The top was tight fitting, so I didn’t struggle all night with pushing my sleeves up. The bottom was a mesh material with matching red embroidery. My pumps are Jessica Simpson. I would’ve worn my hair up in a low messy bun had we had enough time before the reception started… we were on a tight schedule, but it turned out okay in the end! Best part about it- it was on super sale at Dillards! I also found it on Poshmark for $75 (50% off original price), which I’ve linked for you!

Have a great Tuesday!


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