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Oct 16, 2017









Outfit: MINKPINK / Sunglasses: Quay / Shoes: Nike

Happy Monday!!! I know you missed me Friday, but we were SO BUSY in Washington I literally had no time to post (just take a ton of pics). These award trips are so much fun, but they always have a strict itinerary. Kirk and I need a vacation now..LOL.

ANYWAY, I am back in action and ready to kick this week’s BUTT in this MINKPINK pink camo workout ootd. Kirk and I have our Whole30 menu ready to go. We need to do a little clean eating, especially before the holidays. Kirk has really been pushing us to get back onto a more health conscious regimen, and claims he’s the one who put on all the baby weight. Let’s face it..I ate healthy during my pregnancy, but when I wanted a cookie I ate it..or five. Whatever. I have been very fortunate with a fast metabolism, so I can usually eat whatever I want. I ate SO MUCH during my pregnancy, so there was a lot of extra food in the house (this is where Kirk tends to point the finger at me). So, we are trying to get back into the swing of the way things were pre-baby.

I was the MOST fit I have ever been in my life before I got pregnant, which definitely helped me bounce back in combo with breastfeeding. I lost all my baby weight (30lbs) by week 3 postpartum. This was just by eating healthy, grazing throughout the day, or maybe I’m just a freak of nature..IDK. By week 6 I was able to workout again..carefully.  I know my body will never fully be the same as it once was, but I fully accept that because I absolutely love my baby and it was all worth it. I still lOVE to work out and try new classes, so right now I have the T25 series. It’s only 25 minutes a day, which is PERFECT for my busy schedule. I’ll keep you updated with how it is.

So, in honor of getting back into a fit household I decided to show you one of my favorite workout pieces that just so happens to be pink. I found this brand at TjMaxx (can also be found at Saks Off Fifth), so I was super pumped! I love the camo..makes you really feel ready to get strong and sweat it out! The pink mesh tank is not MINKPINK, but I thought it was cute and would cover me since I’m not big on wearing straight up sports bras to workout in in public. LOL. My glasses are Quay Australia. I’m wearing my fav Nikes, which match my straps. I found my exact outfit on ASOS, so I linked it for you right under the last pic!

What are your favorite healthy habits? Any tips for busy mamas?




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