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Oct 11, 2017




Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to get a little more personal with this post and talk a bit about me and one of my passions in life..ART!

Art has always been a part of my life. Since I was younger I loved drawing, painting, creating, crafting..anything I could get my hands on. I even went through a jewelry making phase for a while. I HAND SEWED a felt cat, filled it with rice to make it 3 dimensional, and sewed buttons for the face for my mother in the 6th grade for Mother’s Day. I used to create houses out of sticks of mulch in the backyard when I played outside for my BARBIES…..GOSH I sound nerdy! Want anymore stories?! I’m full of ’em! LOL! But you know what? has always been a part of my personality to do those create. And here I am. A more grown up version of myself, but still redheaded and just as nerdy.

Out of all the hobbies I’ve taken on I have always been an avid painter. In college I decided to take a painting class one year-just to see what the “rules” of painting were. Just to see how far off the map I was playing (since I really only painted my own way). Turns out there are no rules. I listened to what the professor had to say, but still found a way to do it on my terms. I did not like following a format…much like I don’t like following a format for blogging. “Post on this day at this time”..blah blah blah.. HELLO?! The point of a blog is to be yourself and do you, right? That’s exactly how I felt about this class. Now, granted, I did take away a lot of tips, technique improvements, etc, but at the end of the day..everyone has their own style. That’s what makes this world so wonderful.. everyone is different. I seem to follow a more abstract format. I love color and weird things no one would think to paint. Now, I’m selling my off the grid, “rule” breaking art on Etsy.

Moral of the story..just be you and stop trying to fill the mold. There is no mold. It’s something the status quo created to keep themselves confident and secure. Be confident in your own journey in life. We are all heading in the same direction just taking different routes. Wow. I got really deep in this post LOL. I enjoy an intellectual conversation now and again. Let’s do this again, but at my house. BYOW (bring your own wine).

On another note, let’s talk about my outfit!

This little number is one of my favorites. I found the leopard skirt by Sanctuary at Saks on sale. It runs a size larger, so I’m wearing an XS. I FREAKING LOVE these peep toe booties by, Kristin Cavallari. I topped it off with this black sweater (classic) from BP. I love that it fits loosely. My earrings are from H&M (still can’t find them online…only in store). Boo. Shop my look below if you’d like!

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