My 6 S’s to Success

Jan 1, 2018







First of all…I am still having a hard time believing it’s 2018 and another Christmas & New Year has come to pass. What is going on?!

I wanted to share with you that I don’t necessarily believe in New Years Resolutions. I feel that sometimes people make really big dreamy goals that never seem to be attainable. Here’s a big one… “I’m hitting the gym everyday this year”.. Okay, yeah right. Let’s be honest. We all get busy, so going “everyday” is not realistic. Then you end up getting disappointed with yourself for not keeping your personal promise, and feeling negative isn’t exactly the best way to start the new year off… Instead, I like making self help promises. Small realistic goals that are attainable. I can work towards these and it benefit not just this year, but my whole life! Here are my 6 S’s to Success in the new year and beyond:

1. Stop procrastinating. This is a huge one LOL. This ugly thing rears it’s head at me all the time, and this year I was soooo bad about procrastinating! From work deadlines to house chores…procrastination followed me everywhere… Not anymore!

2. Stay ahead of the game. Imagine what life would be like if you could get rid of procrastination AND also take steps to get ahead. Turning in projects early, starting spring cleaning now, getting a head start on that paper that isn’t due for another month… How much easier would that make things for you?

3. Stick to the plan. I get easily distracted by things going on around me. Sometimes I start something and don’t finish it. I really need to start one thing and see it to the end.

4. Save money…. YES. I need to be better about this one for sure! This girl loves to shop..

5. Stake out your boundaries and keep them. Take this one as it relates to you. To me, this means I have created boundaries with certain people/drama who are toxic to my life and family. Free yourself from the negative and put up healthy boundaries that will keep you sane and filter out that excess crap you don’t need.

6. Stay in the moment! Life is TOO short and I have taken advantage of a lot of moments by thinking of a thousand things at once. I’ve let too much take my focus away from what is important. I’m constantly thinking of the next project, what I have left on the to do list, etc. I am going to strive to be still in the moment and enjoy my son, husband, and family more.

I am wishing you a happy new year and I hope you have a great start at new beginnings!

Love, B

My outfit is a little something I threw together for a casual NYE at home! My top is a sparkly material from Forever 21 (linked a few similar)and my jeans are NastyGal.  Nothing like blush and pearls! My sunnies are Celine. My shoes are Betsey Johnson, and I LOVE these for the little bow accent. My earrings are from H&M.

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