My Top Buys from 2017

Jan 4, 2018

Hey guys!

2017 was seriously one for the books. I had an incredible year becoming a mother, enhancing my career in sales, promoting my painting business, and starting my blog! There were moments in between where I seriously wanted to pull my hair out, but the good definitely outweighed the ugly. I got to thinking about some of my fav purchases, gifts, items from 2017 that I TRULY enjoyed, kept me sane in the hard times, and would recommend getting in 2018. 


1. Camera. I meant to post on this topic a while ago. I have a Cannon EOS 80D and I freaking love it. After weeks of researching top cameras I finally settled on the Cannon 80D for the quality and reviews. This thing is amazing. I went on Amazon and found an incredible bundle package including the camera, memory cards, lens, lens covers, stand, battery charger, etc. This bundle has it all! I use this camera ALL THE TIME and take it with me everywhere. All my blog photos/instagram posts are with this camera. Best feature about it is it’s autofocus and can easily connect to my phone via camera wifi for immediate pic transfer!

2. Nice sunnies. I’m a sucker for designer shades. If nothing else on my face on those days where IDGAF I’m wearing some cute sunnies! I love statement pieces and these make me feel dressed up without the effort. I frequent eBay often looking for good deals. It takes some work to find legitimate sellers who have authentic product, but believe me.. they exist and it’s worth the time to save the $$$. No I do not go out and buy $400 sunnies when I can get them new on eBay for half the price. They may be “last season” but PLEASE… they still look good, okay?



3. Purse. This one was a gift, but this year as my ‘push present’ Kirk got me the Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull. This thing is amazing and has so much room for everything. I love big bags because I like carrying a lot around with me. You never know what you need with you. I also bought the Tote Savvy insert (thank you Rachel!) to use it as a diaper bag when we go out. Easy Peezy!

4. The Uppababy Stroller. I technically got this during Black Friday 2016, but really I have enjoyed it since Fisher was born. I am IN LOVE with this stroller. It is easy to maneuver around, quickly folds up and down, and the car seat system it comes with makes life with a baby much easier during travel. The storage space at the bottom is also huge, so yes….let’s go shopping!


5. Beautycounter Countermatch Collection. I just partnered up with Beautycounter and their Countermatch Collection has really saved my skin. Beauty products are really an investment in yourself, which I think is really important. Take care of you. My skin has always been combination dry/oily, but all my dry spots are gone, and I don’t suffer from that oily shine anymore thanks to Countermatch. Really a game changer if you ask me. See my Beautycounter page for access to the site. They have a 30% off winter sale going on now!


6. A 2018 planner. Yes, I bought my planner like November-ish gearing up for 2018. I love planners and being a working mom/wife/career woman on the go, I can’t survive without it. I usually find the cutest and most efficient ones at Target, or sometimes even TJ Maxx. This year’s is from Tj Maxx and has enough room to write all over the place, and has chic little stickers for marking special dates and appointments.

7. Car organizer. Holy Cow. My car can get crazy. I throw everything around in there. It’s my office, my shuttle for Fisher, the family vehicle, the shopping cart…even my eating spot when I’m traveling for work. I bought some large wicker baskets from Homegoods that I keep in the car at all times. Throughout the week (or I try everyday) I take all the random things that don’t belong in the car and keep them in the baskets. I can easily take the baskets of randomness into the house and dispurse the items to their designated houses. DONE.

8. Spray tan membership. This one is just a really petty one for myself and the fact that my confidence is dependent on how I look. I always feel the most powerful in a good suit and tan. LOL. This one is just a weakness of mine I guess. Thank you Darque Tan. I go at least once a week since it lasts a good 5 days. Do the Norvell if you’re interested in trying it out. I always get even coverage.

9. Keurig. Who doesn’t have one of these? I just upgraded earlier this year to the 2.0 and I can’t imagine my ZOMBIE MOMMIE MORNINGS without that one button push for instant caffeine. It is seriously LIFE.

10. Dog trainer. My 150 lb horse (Great Dane) has been a wonderful big brother, but even he can get out of hand sometimes..imagine that. He’s a big baby and needs A LOT of attention, so it’s been hard to give him all he needs now that Kirk and I are parents to a 6 month old. The dog trainer, or “Dog Whisperer of Houston” works wonders. If anyone needs this special woman’s magic touch in the Houston area let me know, and I will gladly give you her information.

I’ve linked these items below if you’re interested!! What buys have kept you sane that I should try out? I’d love to hear about them!

Love, B



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