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Jan 29, 2018








I used to be so nervous about going to national sales meetings. All the higher ups and people who have been in the space for decades, introductions day after day, publicly speaking to your peers, long meetings, and long nights (showing face at dinners, etc.). It’s like the days never end and the whole week is all one blur. When I first entered the corporate world straight out of college I knew it was going to be a jungle, and I was right. I’ve been in the game for 5 going on 6 years now, and I can tell you it remains that same jungle. What has changed has been.. ME. It’s molded me. Changed me. All in good ways, but I’m different! I used to be a shy quiet girl in high school. Today, I’m still the same Britny.. the only difference is I don’t put up with any crap. An all grown up Britny. A go-getter. A girl with big dreams. Someone who looks at life with optimism and is career oriented. It’s really pulled me out of my comfort zones in a lot of ways and pushed me to developing myself as a successful sales woman.

What keeps me pumped up during meetings? Fashion. I know it sounds crazy, but the saying goes, “when you look good you feel good”. Isn’t it true? It is for me. There is a part of my confidence that is directly dependent on how I feel when I’m dressed well. When I feel like I look good my whole day changes. I am 100% more confident. So, I take packing my suitcase to these events very seriously. You never know who you’ll meet-Presidents, CEOs, Managers… people who may be your boss at a different company down the road.. you never know. I’m also more engaged and confident in meetings where we are learning material and sales strategies; therefore, I learn and retain more!

Here is the first look for my Chic Work Lookbook! If it’s work attire I’m looking for I usually head to Nordstrom Rack. They are a one stop shop between jewelry, sunnies, scarves, purses, shoes, and designer work wear for a great price. If I can’t find anything there I’ll head to either the outlets, or Tj Maxx. Fortunately, I found some great items at NR! This white lace top is by Laundry and was $40. I found the earrings by Natasha. They are light weight and sequin despite the size (I can’t find them online, so I’m linking some similar). My sunnies are Miu Miu and I’ve had these for a while.  I’ve also had these magenta heels by BCBG, so I paired them to the look to match my fusia lip by Urban Decay. My faux leather leggings from Express sealed the deal, and topped it all off with a chic little top knot. I never usually wear my hair up like this, but I’m trying new things LOL. My gold ball bracelet is from NR and I paired it with an Hermes bangle. My Louis Vuitton cross body was a graduation gift from my aunt.

I can tell you right now I will probably be the only one sporting a hot pink lip and looking like I belong at a fashion conference rather than a medical device sales meeting, HOWEVER, 1) I like to stand out from the crowd 2) I’m dressing up for ME and my confidence 3) Look good-feel good = success. I’ll have you know that last year I sported some very fashion forward outifts and I can’t even tell you how many compliments I got. Did you know more men complimented me on my white cape jacket and wanted to know where I got it, so they could get it for their wives?? I thought that was hilarious. I’ll post a look incorporating that piece because you will never guess where I got it.

I hope this helps you figure out what to wear for your upcoming event, or meeting! Check back to see more looks in my Chic Work Lookbook coming soon!

Love, B


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