You Need to Wash Your Hair

Jan 31, 2018


Okay yall, I’m literally laughing to myself right now as I type this story! LOL

As you know from my feed we have all been so sick. Last week was just awful..I’m still hacking up junk and recovering. It was day 3.5-4 of being dog tired, helping baby through the night (woke up every hour congested), passing out meds while guzzling NyQuil down my throat, and disinfecting the house everyday… I walked into the bathroom in a Zombie kind of way; confused and in a zone somewhere else mentally, when Kirk says to me, ” I think it’s time to wash your hair”. I felt a little flushed, but ultimately my give a S*** meter was like..”dude, I’m sick too”. I was kinda stunned that he said that though! LOL He never cares what I look like, so I must look like absolute crap!

I looked in the mirror and just started laughing… Yea, it was time to wash my hair. The circles under my eyes even seemed to be laughing back at me. Then, I started thinking how funny life is and how much it has changed since having a baby. I knew life would be different after Fisher was born, but here are some things that really surprised me:

1. I never thought I would go through periods of not caring about my hair, looks, makeup, etc. I usually care, but OMG. I thought I’d have it all together everyday..get up, dressed, dress baby cutely, and conquer the world… Actually, there have been times where this sleep deprived mama gets up, hair goes into bun, robe on, COFFEE, emails, feed baby, conference calls, baby naps, nanny arrives, go upstairs, stare at self in mirror remembering what you looked like when you slept well, shower, minimal makeup, hair still crappy, go to work. In that order.

2. When they said your schedule is now the baby’s schedule. Yes, they were correct.

3. When they said I should’ve enjoyed sleep more..they were, again, correct.

4. Going places with baby is insane and has really made me into an even more insanely organized freak. There is seriously a checklist for him just to go meet my mother in law for lunch, and I will cry if I leave something necessary at the house.

5. I’m surprised at how my body has adapted to sleep deprivation on top of daily life.

6. I’m not as paranoid as I thought I’d be.. I thought I’d be a helicopter mom, but I’m very laid back about passing him off the grandma and grandpa when they want him to spend the night, etc. He sees them SO MUCH and I love how he gets so excited every time they come over! It really is important for the right exposure. I don’t want my kids being sheltered. He will definitely go to day school when he’s old enough. 1.5-2 years.

7. And lastly, I’m surprised at how much I really needed a Nanny. Maria is a Godsend and I wouldn’t be able to get ANYTHING (work, errands, etc) done without her help, and my amazing mother in law. I have a problem trying to control everything, do everything, and be everything for everyone… F that. You have to keep your sanity to run a proper house, so I take all help offered!

I love being a mom and all the chaos that comes with it, and wouldn’t change a thing! He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, humbled me, and made me a better me. I love being REAL and genuine with you. I’d love to hear about some of your stories and surprising moments!

Have a wonderful day!

Love, B




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