29 & Feelin Fine!

Mar 22, 2018






Wow. I didn’t think about the way I would feel about this day until now that it’s here. I’m 29. I’m almost 30. I don’t know what bothers me more- the fact that I’m getting older or that 29 ends in “9” (I hate that number)… But, I’m at the final chapter of my 20’s! Holy S***!

So, what have I learned? Actually, what haven’t I learned? It’s literally a journey living from 20-29. You change SO MUCH. Each year brought a new set of responsibilities, adventures, goals, accomplishments, failures, and embarrassments. I grew. I made mistakes (some of which I regret-most I don’t). I drank too much, tried dangerous things, took risks, and survived it all. I made friends, boyfriends, exes, and ex-friends. At 21, I was high on life, 6th street rampages, sorority life, and didn’t give a damn about a thing (not fully true since I worked my ass off all though college to pay for my education and major in Molecular Bio) But, I still had my fun for sure. At 25, I was anxiety ridden. Panicked about work, life, adulating, making it in the real world, and wondering if I’d ever fully succeed. At 27, I got married. At 28, I had a baby. At 29.. I’m ready for whatever next step comes when you turn 29. LOL. Basically, this marathon is starting to feel like a sprint!

Being a 20-something is a confusing stage. It is so completely full of learning and growing as a person. It’s full of the best of times and the worst. It’s not until I hit 27-28 did I start to feel like I had this whole ‘adulting’ thing down. I started to become who I really am and everything before that feels like a blur.. I’m a completely different person now than the girl who took off with her crew to Austin at 11pm from Seguin, but still would wake up for our 8’0clock class (because we were smart girls who partied but cared about our grades too). I graduated with my B.S in Molecular Biology and I moved to Houston in 2012 for a job. It was my ticket to the rest of my life, and deep down I knew that and took it. * First phase of being an adult accomplished* I met Kirk and we immediately clicked together like we had been looking for each other all along and didn’t know it. I had found the real deal. *Second phase of being an adult accomplished* We got a house together *Boom-3rd phase* We got married *4th phase* We had a baby *5th phase*… I’m on a roll here, people! .

I’m just now hitting my stride and still learning new things. God has blessed me with so many amazing gifts. I’m a wife to the greatest man and the mother to the most beautiful little boy. I could never have predicted making it here with all this.. I may be a tad bit sad that my 20’s are coming to an end, but that also means I’m another year wiser and ready to take on anything! So much has happened, but there is SO much more left to happen. Looking forward to the greatest year yet!

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Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

Love, B




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    Loved reading this. Happy birthday beautiful!

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