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Mar 27, 2018






Hi babes!

It’s Monday and I. AM.TIRED! But, it’s that good tired. That “got a good day’s work in” tired. That, “I seriously crushed it today” tired. You get the idea…LOL. The baby is asleep, hubs is in the shower, and mama is typing away.. blogging job starts after dark now.

This weekend was beyond amazing. I had the best time with family and shooting in Dallas. It was seriously the best time, and nothing is more refreshing than being around family. Today,  I met with our Houston team for my full time job and went over thorough details in my business plan. My husband and I also went over our own business plans for our side business. Sometimes you wonder what the point is behind creating a business plan. Is it just something everyone does because they have to? Just another chore to complete to check off the boxes in your company?  Actually, I sat back and thought it over for a while and was completely satisfied with having to do these. Business plans help you get organized, stay focused on your goals, and keep you on track. Even if you don’t work you can still have a business plan, or plan of action. You can be a stay at home mom (busiest job ever) and NEED to have a business plan.. what needs to get done, appointments, kid’s practices, games, dinners for the week… the list goes on. I even have business plans for blogging.. because this is literally a hobby that I have worked extremely hard at and NEEDS me to stay focused! Let’s stay focused this week and create our own business plans for this month! I promise you will see a difference in how you work when you literally write (or type) it all out.

This look is a fun one inspired by Dolce and Gabbana. I found this top at Agaci for $30! I check in at Agaci every now and then because they do have cute things for cheap. I found my white cape jacket there and have had the most compliments on it than anything I have ever worn! I recently was scanning through magazines like, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, etc, and saw some DG adds that just blew my mind. I love this season’s look, so this blouse was a definite buy because Lord knows paying $1000 for a shirt is not going to be happening any time soon LOL. My jeans are ZARA (linking some similar) and my shoes are wayyyyyy past season by Sam Edelman. I am linking some cute gold heeled sandals though because gold is so on point all the time- in my opinion.

I hope you guys enjoyed your day and if you have any fun and helpful organizational tips that keep you on track at work please let me know! I love hearing new practices!

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