Ring Around the Rosey!

Mar 28, 2018









For some reason the print of this cute little 2 piece reminded me of the ring around the rosey song… LOL.

Today has been one of those days where you feel like you could’ve done a thousand things, but decided to knock out the most important and necessary. We are leaving for Branson, Missouri on Friday, so I really SHOULD have been getting things done around here. I haven’t even unpacked from Dallas! LOL.  Instead, I’ve been researching other things, catching up on emails, and downloading pictures from the Mackenzie Childs shoot. I had an amazing photographer come out to take pictures (if you’re in the Dallas area you should look up Pink Fly Photo when you get a chance!) Misti is amazing! I also (MOST IMPORTANTLY) posted the first session of my new weekly segment, A Glass of Red. Head over to the Busy B tab on the blog every Wednesday (starting today) for some money talk!

For everyone else being productive today I’m clapping at my kitchen table right now for you! Haha. GOOD JOB, BABES! I’m currently awaiting a storm that is supposedly coming, but you know how that can go. It’s Houston and we have strange weather. One day we are supposed to have sun, the next we are flooding… so, who really knows. But, the weather was outstanding in Dallas! This romper was the perfect outfit for dinner out. Unfortunately for you guys, I don’t have the link to this exact one because I frequently shop boutiques for unique finds.. sorry.. (when I tell you I do this for fun and I don’t care if you buy what I’m wearing I’m SERIOUS) I do it for the fashion and hopefully I’m a little inspiring to you. I got a few cute things at an Apricot Lane Boutique in Southlake, Dallas. Let me tell you that these stores have SUPER CUTE THINGS for realistic prices! Some boutiques are outrages, but I found several two piece sets for around $50 each set.. Yea, not per piece.

If you have one near you I recommend checking it out! I also was told that each store is different and carries different items based on the owner and what they order, so no store is the same. Just FYI. My shoes are my go-to Steve Maddens. My bag is my new favorite IT purse, the Tory Burch Flemming Shoulder Bag in Shell Pink! Review for this is coming soon! My earrings are Kate Spade. They are jumbo iridescent studs I bought a while back because they match everything. My sunnies are by Sonix from Nordstrom!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful Wednesday and PLEASE go read the first post to my newest weekly segment, Ä Glass of Red! You won’t regret it!

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Love, B



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