What’s in a redhead’s DNA?!

Mar 30, 2018


Sooooo I have been waiting for what felt like forever to get my Ancestry DNA results back! I finally got them in last night and I could hardly open the email from being so excited. I have always been so into genealogy and family history, so taking my DNA to get tested for my ethnicity was something I’ve always wanted to do! The results are in!

Turns out I was everything we already knew I was. The only thing I really wanted to know was what percentages of these things made up Britny Robinson. According to my test results,  I am 50% Western European (German/Swiss) 22% Irish and 19% Great Britain 4% Scandinavian AMAZING! Ancestry DNA takes a small sample of your saliva and tests your DNA with DNA segments from hundreds of different regions in the world!

This company has done amazing things when it comes to allowing people to connect with family they never knew existed! I just connected to a 2nd cousin I never knew. We have the same family line! There are several others on my Ancestry profile that link to me now, so I can’t wait to introduce myself. Ancestry also breaks down the history of how your ancestors came to America, when, what the time period was, and what was going on during that time period. f

Fortunately for me, my grandmother on my fathers side already wrote a book on our family from her side, tracing us all the way back to the Mayflower. My father’s side is very English/Swedish. I am in DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) since we have family that fought in these American wars. They supposedly owned lots of land, prospered and lived primarily in the south. The whole book my Mema wrote is just incredible.

My mother’s side is heavily German/Irish. They came over long ago and moved to the South where they settled as farmers, which is more than likely what they did in their home country since Ireland was a very farming heavy trade. My Uncle Lance went to Ireland and found our Cain Family seal. I would LOVE to go there someday and explore/research more family history. It’s also been interesting since I’ve been researching and tracing back family on Ancestry to find that a lot of my Irish ancestors marked their birth certificates as “English” and not “Irish” when they were coming to America because a lot of Irish people were sold as slaves to plantations. So, to avoid that they pretended to be from England. Did you know that?! Crazy!

I highly suggest doing an Ancestry DNA test! It was super easy and so much fun to see where you originated from! I’m continuing my research on Ancestry and cant wait to see what else I find..

Have a wonderful Friday!

Love, B




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