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Apr 3, 2018











O.M.G you guys….


That was the longest drive ever… 10 hrs in the car (it was like 12 on our way to Branson because we stopped a lot) and 10 on the way back. It was just too long to be in the car with a 9 month old. Next time we are definitely flying! But, I will be going back because despite the crappy weather we had an absolute blast! Branson travel guide coming your way soon. It’s good to be back home!

Well, Spring is in full swing and Easter has come and gone. There is just something so refreshing about Spring. It’s almost like this heavy blanket of winter comes off and you want to re-decorate your whole house! One of my favorite things to do in a new season is decorate. I love doing seasonal tablescapes year round, and for Spring I’m going green!

We didn’t get to fully enjoy our table for Easter, but I am leaving it just the way it is! Just because Easter is over doesn’t mean you need to put up all the decorative rabbits! I leave mine out during Spring and Summer. Rabbits are just too darn cute not to. They are a symbol of good luck, prosperity, fertility, and peace. Not only that, but a French country home isn’t country without all the animal décor. I have rabbits of concrete and green moss that will go with just about any décor in our house. I LOVE them.

I found the garland at Hobby Lobby as well as my galvanized cake stand. I usually wait for florals and garlands to go on sale before buying from Hobby Lobby because they can get pricy sometimes, but I just couldn’t wait. This garland is green and budding with Spring vibes. My concrete rabbits are from Tj Maxx and my green mossy ones are from both Hobby Lobby and Homegoods (I’ve found them at both). They range anywhere from 5.99 each to 12.99 (my bigger rabbit centerpiece). You can probably find these on sale now that Easter is over because everyone seems to think rabbits are just for Easter décor…. That’s ok, MORE FOR YOU AND ME! I’d head to Homegoods to check it out!

I also found my cabbage plates at Homegoods along with the faux carrots. The plates were about 6 bucks each, so when I found the soup container, platter, and salt/pepper shaker, I bought them all! The whole set together is so cute and it goes well with my Courtly Check Mackenzie Childs enamelware if I wanted to mix and match. My wicker place mats are from Hobby Lobby. They often have 40%-50% off their Springtime Line (which these were), so be on the lookout next time you’re there! They have recently added so many cute table setting pieces to their store!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and isn’t it so amazing that there is hope for us all because Christ died for us, and rose again. Just a great thing to think about everyday.. not just on Easter!

Have a great day!

Love, B





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