Hi guys! Kirk and I started Keto about a year ago and I have to admit it’s a diet worth exploring! Kirk and I have been on it and off it a few times, but when we are dedicated we can truly FEEL the difference compared to eating processed foods on a regular basis. We are trying our best to make it a habit that sticks. For those who are interested in learning more and being Keto with us click here to read more about the best way to start!

It’s National Disaster Preparedness Month and I’m so excited to be partnered with Clorox to share how I created our family disaster preparedness kit in preparation for an emergency! It’s so important to stay informed, have a kit, and be prepared. Clorox bleach is an essential to include in your kit. Click to read more!

I had no idea that one-in-three families struggles with providing diapers for their children. It’s National Diaper Awareness Week and I’ve teamed up with Huggies to share how you can help donate to this amazing cause and help a family in need!

I haven’t been the best at curbing my pregnancy cravings (especially the chocolate), but I have made some healthier choices when it comes to plant-based protein! I just tried the Almond Cow Plant-Based Milk Maker and I am loving it! Read on to find out more about the milk maker and just how convenient it can be to create your own milk from your favorite nuts!

We also had to make some chocolate chip cookies too, of course! They cooked perfectly on the Chicago Metallic pan! Hi everyone! I really love when I can finally take the time to do things where I’m creating with my hands. It’s so relaxing! I love to paint, decorate, even clean, but I also love […]

If you’re craving a luxurious getaway you don’t have to go very far. The Post Oak Hotel is the only AAA Five Diamond Hotel in the city and it’s located right in the heart of Houston, Texas. Read more about our glamorous stay at this fabulous place..

This is 30

Mar 22, 2019

Well, here’s 30! I finally hit the mark. Read on how I feel about turning the big 3-0 and what you should know about facing a big change in your life…

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate green salsa you’re in luck! My mother’s homemade tomatillo salsa is sure to knock your socks off!

I recently did a juice cleanse with Revolution Juices and I’m telling you all about the experience and what a 3 day detox did for me! Click to ready more!