This is 30

Mar 22, 2019

this is 30

this is 30

this is 30

this is 30

this is 30

LORD have mercy! Here’s 30!

You know that feeling when you envision this big monumental moment in your future? Like, you see if in the distance and think, “Well, I got another (however many) years till that happens”. That was me at age 21. Then age 25. Then age 27. Today, I’ve FINALLY reached that big monumental moment I’d been dreading for so long. YES. Dreading.

Becoming 30 was the age I set in my mind to mark when I would finally become a real adult. To be officially old. Why I have seen it this way forever.. I have no idea. I guess when you’re looking at 30 from age 20, you see 10 long years ahead. Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about being 30. If I feel wiser, stronger, more mature.. I feel the same, yet, altogether, different.

But there are EXCITING times ahead in my 30’s! I think I’m more equipped than ever to serve others and do what I was meant to do as a mother, a wife, a business owner, team leader, sister, friend. I’ve faced humbling moments and triumphant accomplishments. I guess as a 30 year old the one thing I feel is experienced and more ready than ever to fulfill the goals I set for myself. I’m not happy about aging. What I’m happy about is the opportunity this age is bringing.

I wouldn’t feel ready or as motivated as I am without first experiencing all the lessons of my 20’s. I wouldn’t understand the importance of RIGHT NOW had I not made the mistakes of my past. I needed to go through different twists and turns and paths leading sometimes to nowhere to really see where I want to be. The road ahead has never been more clear. I’ve never been more focused and more persistent. I’ve never been more ready to follow my faith into my future.

I saw a little bit of a different celebration happening today (Mexican beach and tequila) to bring in 30. But, as life would have it, I’m happily pregnant with my second baby, and at our company’s convention. It is exactly where I need to be. I hope if you’re facing a big change in your life you reflect on all you’ve accomplished. Instead of focusing on the change itself see where you’ve come and know you are ready for that change. You’ve been molded to face it and own it!





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