3 Day Detox: Revolucion Juice Cleanse

Aug 19, 2018


3 day detox





My 3 Day Detox was amazing!

Hi all! 

This post is long overdue, but now that I’m putting it up it’s making me want to do another cleanse! That’s how great it was! Kirk and I did  a 3 day juice cleanse together through Revolucion Juices. This is an awesome place serving SO many things beyond just juice, such as, coffee and healthy snacks!

So, we had wanted to do a cleanse for a while. Kirk is on the way to a healthier lifestyle and losing weight, while my thoughts for the cleanse revolved around just getting my energy up and cleaning out all the toxins. IT WORKS. We loved the juicing process. There were so many more options for flavors at Revolucion and I really loved how you can kind of dictate which juices you will drink and at what times of the day. Best part about it is all the juices were so good! I don’t think I tried a single one where I was like, “wow this is hard to get through”.. 

I also didn’t feel like I was too hungry because you are literally drinking SO much juice you’re full all the time. I did, however, have a couple boiled eggs because my body can literally not handle not having a LITTLE something in me. Kirk stayed true though. Towards the end of the 3 days we were energized and feeling amazing! Kirk felt so great that a couple weeks after the first cleanse he did another one! It’s really just a great feeling knowing you’re putting so much GOOD in and cleaning out your entire system.. Loved it!

The Logistics: 

Revolucion was by far the best priced option! SInce Kirk and I came in to do it together we got 10% off the total cost and every time you return one of the bottles you get $1 towards products and juices! There’s about $36 bottles for the 3 day cleanse, so that’s $36 towards more yummy goodness! There are also different cleanses to choose from depending upon what your goal is. Some long and some short. Like, you could even do a one day cleanse to kind of jumpstart your week. 

If you’re thinking about doing a cleanse I highly recommend heading to Revolucion for it since the products are fantastic and everyone there is super friendly and knowledgeable about all things health and juicing! There are also different locations around Texas, so look them up because there may be one near you! I love these cleanses and I’m seriously about to get back in the saddle with another one when we get our Nordic Track here!

If you decide to do a 3 day cleanse or just recently did one let me know about your experience!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone, and happy juicing!

Love, B




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