How to Decorate for an Engagement Party

Oct 25, 2018






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how to decorate for an engagement party



how to decorate for an engagement party


how to decorate for an engagement party


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Hi friends!

We had the honor of hosting our friends Amanda and Brad’s engagement party at our house this month and we had the absolute BEST time. I love decorating and entertaining, so of course I couldn’t wait to get started. Fortunately, the bride is a really good friend of mine and she is super organized, knew exactly what she wanted, and we had a great time planning the whole thing!

I’ve hosted several events, showers, and parties at my house, so I knew the layout of where everything needed to go for the most part. I decided to write up this post and give some of my favorite tips for decorating for a party or engagement party if you ever have the opportunity to do so. It’s really a ton of fun!

Let’s get started!

The first thing I thought of when I first started planning the décor was white and green. White florals and greenery everywhere. My mantel already had fall pumpkins set up, so I decided to leave those (I went with white pumpkins and greenery), and just add the florals. I grabbed several options from Hobby Lobby when they were on sale! It turned out so beautifully. I added tall glass candle holders for a warm, romantic tone. I went a little crazy towards the end and threw some lighting tied into the greenery as well, and I actually think it turned out very nice!

I worked my way to the front entry and tied some greenery onto the stair banister. I had a big glass hurricane candle holder to set on the floor next the staircase along with a chalkboard to welcome everyone to the party. I also placed some rose gold balloons across the wall space. Rose gold was the accent color to add some shimmer.

Over the tables were rose gold sequined tablecloths and I hung greenery and florals along the top of the window. SO PRETTY! I added icicle lights last for that glowing effect. I think I’m obsessed with lighting! LOL. It definitely sets the tone of the party. All these florals were from Hobby Lobby as well. I clipped them off their center one by one (they came as one bunch) and just situated them all at the top of the curtain rod. Worked out very well! Scattered around were photos of the bride and groom which was Amanda’s idea, and I thought that was such a sweet addition!

I made my way outside to the antique mantel on the patio. I created another white floral look with greenery and three square glass candle holders. All the candle holders in my décor for this party were seriously $5 from a local party supply store! Perfect for any budget. I had tons of fun shiny rose gold balloons out here as well. The large champagne bottle balloons are from Paperconfetti. They were seriously the cutest and this was a ‘stock the bar’ party, so they went with the theme.

We had a keg of beer, loads of liquor, a tequila shot station, prosecco, beer pong games going on the driveway/garage area…. Oh, I forgot to mention…WE LIKE TO PARTY. We had a group of 50 people coming, so we needed to make sure we had plenty to go around (especially, for our crowd)

We pretty much had the most epic party we have ever thrown. I’m not even kidding… I did a keg stand… which I haven’t done since college! It was the best! Most importantly, everyone else had a blast, especially, Brad and Amanda! Nothing is better than showering sweet people who truly deserve all the happiness in the world, and it made decorating for this engagement party so much more fun and special.

For more details on the party decorations please leave a comment below!





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