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Oct 9, 2018












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I am SO excited we have hit our one year mark! The blog has come such a long way (myself included). I’ve learned so much about what my true message is and the meaning for this blog. My “why” has evolved into so much more than when I first started. Initially, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted out of this. I knew I wanted to share my passions; I loved writing, and so, having a blog was the perfect fit. But, over the course of just this past year I have had such a stronger calling to share much more with you than just my passions. It has turned into sharing everything from my art, businesses, blogging experience, beauty, and lifestyle as a mother. I’ve even shared my deepest darkest secrets. From my anxiety to the stress of being a working mother… The B Hive is actually a very real and relatable (I hope) resource.

I feel that a blog should be an ever changing ever evolving work. As you and your life changes, so should it. It should remain as true to your actual personality as possible. You should never try and portray someone you’re not to the world. I also feel that you should always remain relatable. YES it’s ok to be on stories with no makeup. YES it’s okay to show the imperfections and the daily grind. People like REAL. This is something I have learned and have not had a hard time sticking with… as you know from my stories watching Fisher make messes while I sit there looking unkept! LOL. It’s life and its amazing..

This year has had it’s ups and downs for sure. I thank each and every one of you for following along. All the support, the love, and the kind compliments have meant the world to me and makes me continue on. YALL are AMAZING! I also want to thank all the local and out of state bloggers I have made friends with. It’s crazy how this community, as big as it is, seems so small because we are all connected and all supporting each other. It’s a wonderful thing! My Houston babes are Rockstar girlfriends.

Of all the wonderful things that have come out of blogging I wanted to celebrate my favorite; friendships. So, I had a few of my closest blogger babes come out to a fun brunch at The Dunlavy here in Houston. We had the best time under stunning chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the bayou. I also partnered up with an amazing bakery, Sweet Galeanna. The most beautiful cakes ever! It tasted as fantastic as it looked! A stunning Kate Spade themed cake with gold dripping down. It was lovely! All of it was photographed by my beautiful friend and professional photographer, Stephania Campos. She has been working with me since the very beginning and she does absolutely amazing work!

So, as I sit here in my robe at 10:15 am on Tuesday, hair a mess, tired from baby waking up at 330am for a diaper change, about to go to fedex to print out a resume, hit up a fun trunk show on the way to my interview…#reallife… I will say, thank you once again for following along and being there for all the good and bad. Yall are just the BEST! Cheers!


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